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A Complete Management Tool for Your Warehouse


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Solution Vault is a utility that allows you to control different aspects of warehouse management. It can save large amounts of information about customers, products, agents, suppliers, transporters, etc..

Noted for its powerful database that can store information such as account numbers and payment from customers, as well as discounts that apply to them, stock, characteristics and pictures of products, information relating to suppliers and carriers belonging to each supplier, and fees applicable to the agents.

The most interesting feature of the program is the ability to create various types of invoices and bills. The user can perform different actions on them, how to apply rates, discounts, exemptions from VAT, etc.. Also, at the end of the invoice, you can print a document with its contents.

This version has the following limitations:
-Five clients, providers, agents, carriers, and articles in the warehouse.
-Three invoices and bills

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